With the Hopson Family gospel group recording at Tom Phillips' studio in Memphis, 1974

Some photos from the last fifty years

Why would someone from the musical and technological stone age have a site like this?

I barely use a mobile phone let alone engage in the worlds of chat and apps, but when the publisher of my book about blues singer Slim Harpo wondered what I would be doing to promote it, well ... we agreed I might think about having a website. So, here it is.

With Colin Escott and Richard Weize in Memphis in 2014 celebrating the success of the Sun Blues Box on Bear Family Records

Published September 2016

With hair and pre-beard, 1973, in Nashville, with singers Billy Lee Riley, right, and Paul Martin

It's not all been research and writing down the years. I have live music memories to inspire me. Things like....

Seeing and hearing ....

... Bill Haley and his Comets in a small club in Folkestone a few years after their heyday, and marvelling at the sound

... Fats Domino and his classic New Orleans R&B band in London a few years after their hit days, and marvelling at the sound

... Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup in a folk club in Wales, marvelling at his solo performance, and his even being there

... Gene Vincent, who we booked into Swansea University for virtually his last live performance, and who as always was a marvel

... Bukka White, Memphis blues pioneer, in Bristol, Charlie Feathers, Memphis rockabilly pioneer, in Memphis, Billy Emerson, Memphis R&B pioneer in Camden

... George Jones, Melba Montgomery and the Jones Boys, marvelling at their Texas honky tonk sound

... Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, and Ike Turner, different but really memorable revue shows

... Linda Hargrove and Dr Hook at the Exit/Inn

... John Prine, and the Flatlanders, among the very few with their own country route

Interviewing and meeting....

... Sam Phillips, and marvelling at why he'd tell me all this stuff for hours on end

... Bill Haley, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Lefty Frizzell, and Jack Clement both sober and not

... Shelby Singleton, one of the real characters of the independent record business, and Johnny Vincent, ditto

... Jim Bulleit, Bill Beasley, Murray Nash and other Nashville record label pioneers

Working with...

... Colin Escott and Hank Davis on Sun projects

... Richard Weize on Bear Family projects

... Bill Millar, Charlie Gillett, Tony Russell, John Broven, Simon Napier, Mike Leadbitter, and other mighty researchers

With Johnny Vincent at Ace Records in Jackson, Mississippi, 1975

... to this site about my kind of music, my research, and my writing.

I'm into my fifth decade writing about American roots music history from the days of the 78 rpm disc and the 45 rpm single. I'm interested mainly in people who performed and recorded before and during the rock'n'roll era in styles including hillbilly, country, rockabilly, blues, R&B, Cajun, early jazz, and western-swing. I focus on the 1940s and 1950s - though I sometimes follow earlier roots and later routes. I am not a musician, but I know what I like - if not always why.

Sonny Burgess outside his clothing store in Newport, Arkansas 1973, after his wild days on Sun and before his rediscovery

Meteor Records rockabilly singers Charlie Feathers, left, and Wayne McGinnis, right, with my friend from Swansea University, the ever-enthusiastic and highly-knowledgeable John Pearson

Sam and Jud Phillips in Memphis

In Nashville at the Country Music Foundation collecting the Tennessee History Book Award 2006 for A Shot In The Dark

With Sam Phillips of Sun Records, in London, 2001

Published in 2006


Just checking something on a 78 rpm disc while the maestro of my music looks on

Recent CD Productions

Before you get into the detailed stuff on other pages, see below a few words and pictures about some of my books and CD productions - and some people who crossed my path along the way.

GRAMMY - nominated CD boxed set

With Lou Ann Barton and Jimmie Vaughan, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 2015

Somewhere in Holland with singer Sleepy LaBeef, Joop Visser of Charly Records, and Robert Loers, 1970s

Published 1975, 1980, and 1991


RECENT NEWS included .....

February 2019 - Awarded Grammy nomination medal as producer of the Bear Family Records boxed set of CDs - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight.


Research into rock music history -

Rock 'n ' roll and roots - books and CDs about country, blues, R&B and the like.