Making this page, I'm reminded of the day in 1971 when I sat in the living room of the Memphis master of western-swingabilly, Malcolm Yelvington, while he sang a song he'd recorded for Sun but they'd not released, called "It's My Trumpet, And I'm Going To Blow It." Trumpet-blowing comes hard to me, both literally and metaphorically, but, yet, Malcolm's song was one I later arranged to be released and it was received with much enthusiasm by rock and roll fans worldwide. So, why not this page pointing to the many reissues of older music I've been responsible for down the years?

I'm not marketing these CDs, really, rather drawing attention to the fact they're out there somewhere and may be of interest. Just saying, that's all.

(The following section is still under construction)

An upcoming release

'The Memphis Blues Box' - 20 CDs and book from Bear Family Records

Recent releases

Past CD favourites on Bear Family Records

Past CDs on BACM Records

Past CDs on Ace Records

Past CDs on Charly Records

Not CDs at all - but vinyl LP classics from the past


Research into rock music history -

Rock 'n ' roll and roots - books and CDs about country, blues, R&B and the like.

A person who started out listening to 78s and 45s and ten-inch LP albums is never going to get to grips with Ipods and downloading and all that stuff - so, to me, the CD is the medium of today. When I started out compiling reissues of old music for record companies it was in the heyday of the LP record, and at last count I put together about 200 of them for companies like Charly Records of London and Bear Family in Germany. Then we got into the major boxed sets of LPs just about the time the CD era was dawning. At last count I've produced about 100 CDs including mega boxed sets of CDs about Sun Records, independent record labels in Nashville, blues singer Slim Harpo, and the recent Grammy-nominated 20-CD boxed set of live country music from the Louisiana Hayride radio show.

Some of the more recent CDs are summarised below. All highly recommended and probably still available. A few even won awards. Check them out at your favourite dealer, or failing all else take a trip to the Amazon.

  CD compilations